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To learn to meditate is a simple thing. There is nothing else to do but inspire/expire, to put all your attention on the air you breath in and out. It is the simplest method and the most accessible one. This course is for all. (4 persons or more, if there is enough room for more).



« To learn to perceive the aura is a simple thing. It is has simple has to learn to count on your fingers ». The perception of the aura is a passive thing. In less than 3 hours of practice with the other participants, I guarantee that you will begin to see and perceive the aura shinning out of the body of the others. You will learn the basics, on how to observe with detachment, with a Zen and relax attitude. All it asks of you to develop this faculty, takes less than 2 minutes of practice a day. This class is for all. (4 or 6 persons at the time. No more, no less).


A lot of people ask them selves what to do with their life? How to change their life, and project them self in to the future? This class is for all who whishes to realize them self, to do what ever they whish with their life. I guarantee you that with this simple method, you will start to change your life has you desired. There are 4 principal themes that composes your life, that you will review to change your life has you wish. You will right it down your self on a piece of paper has you project your self in to the future. This class is for all. (No more than 6 persons at a time, and more than 4).


NOTE: These classes are offered on appointment only, reserved at least one month in advance. The tariffs, (cost), is the same for all classes. (50$ for each participant). It takes about 3 hours for each courses to learn the basics. All classes are given at the home of one of the participants, if there is enough space for all in one room. (There is a small fee for my time on the road, and/or, the rent of a space if it is necessary). All these classes are offered from October 15, to may 15.